ASA Hockey

ASA Hockey Summer Program



The ASA Hockey Summer Program's main objective is to provide players with the all the tools to ensure they have a successful upcoming season. We focus on the educational aspect of the game and teach the "why" in all areas of the game. ASA Hockey equips players with the unique skills which can then be applied to any team, any system and any situation. Welcome to your development program! 

Areas of Focus:

  • Overall Skill Development
  • Proper skating technique/Mobility training
    • Edges, overspeed, weight distribution
  • Patterns
    • Breakouts, regroups, transitional play
  • Sequences
    • Offensive progressions
      • Puck collections, puck retrievals, puck receptions
      • Shooting (In stride, Angles, Deception)
  • Concepts (Offensive and Defensive specific)
  • Puck control, Puck protection, Stickhandling 

And much more...!


Group 1: 2006 and older

Group 2: 2007, 2008, 2009 

Group 3: 2010, 2011, 2012 


Goalies will be half price!


*Spots will be limited*


Price: $599

Andrew Andricopoulos